Legends Of Past (Refined)

Ok failed once but maybe this refined edition is a bit better, hope you enjoy.

Legends Of Past


Rememnants, a land humanity was born into, a land filled by those who followed Grimm. They fought until near extinction, until they found dust, and from their, they managed to push the darkness away and thrive. Everyone thought that the dust itself is what kept Grimm away, giving little credence to their growing abilities, casting aside as just a part of evolution. Onward and outward they went, and then when they could go out no more, they grew inward, looking at each other, seeing who was the weakest so they could expand.

The Grimm, those old enough, stayed away, watching humans destroy each other and the young naive Grimm. They knew what the dust did to humans, how the abilities were linked, at least had a sense. Grimm Lord never told them, exactly, but they had their suspicions.

The wizard, though his true nature long forgotten, he would come forward, eventually, though he knew the day he would, it would be his last time in front of his people, or would it? The future is so precarious, so in flux, no one was for certain except the creator of it all. The wizard did know one thing, that he was the first to discover the true nature of the dust, and the first to train himself, and then others, or those who listened, in their new found abilities.

No one exactly knows makings of the Sacrifice, The Wizard, The Grimm, or at least not at this moment. All that is known, is that there will be much heartache, a lot of pain, growth with ones self, and among each other that will bring them together, and the group that is not properly bound, will be doomed into darkness.

That is for the future though, we’re here to go over the past, and get everyone up to date. The wizard, The Grimm, and how it all plays together is quite unique, and hopefully you can keep up, because, well, this is one hell of a ride. Strap up boys and girls, time for the beginning of the story, and good ole uncle Croq is going to make sure to leave nothing out.


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