The Past Forgotten

This is an extreme rough draft, literally, on my phone at work and on lunch, check out my other blog postings for Twitter, Facebook, etc until i get home and add tjem here.

Reminance, home, where humans have fought with Grimm to stay alive, and with eachother for resources. The most vital resource being dust, because quieter frankly without that, well, we would have perished. Today we use it for our weapons, but we forget what it really did for us, it gave us our aura and semblences. When we broke through and released it into the air, allowing it to infuse itself into the air, food, water and every day life, our abilities came forth.

At first, no one knew what was going on, only that they could do certain things. Though 8 enterprising people came together to learn about their abilities, and to no shock, their names are Ruby, Yang, Weiss, Blake, Jaune, Pyrha, Ren, and Nora. Much like their descendants, they have their own enemies, problems, team building and everything that goes with being a team.

They learned, discovered and expanded their knowledge of their semblences, mainly against Grimm, and became the best fighters of their time. Now lets explore the lives of these long forgotten fighters, and maybe we’ll find something else along the way.


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