Music In My Head

The music in my head, drives me, pushes me forward. In times of war, in times of peace, while confused, when everything is so crystal clear. The rust in my mind clears away, revealing worlds to me, lives that have been lived, those that have been taken away. Green pastures, magical forests, barren landscapes, so much having been seen by me, worlds no one else will ever see.

A never ending stream of images, emotion, worlds created. The music in my mind keeps me asleep when I am awake, keeping me awake when I am asleep. A constant string of notes and sounds, never ending, always showing me something new, nothing ever quite the same.

Worlds filled with love and joy, other worlds filled with hate and terror, always changing with the music, swaying in and out of my mind like wind through meadows. My mind always being tickled, always awaiting what will come next, which world will appear and take hold.

The music in my mind will always be there, and I hope and pray it never leaves.

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