The Awakening

A new world awaits us, under the illusion of our realities. This world has endless hope, new technology and life. The wars of our past stay there, men who wage them only serve. This world sees new prosperity, new hope, new life. Though it has its dark undercurrent, one which will never cease, it will stay in the dark allies and backways where they belong. Humanity will move on, into space, colonizing new planets, allowing mother earth to finally heal her wounds.

This dark undercurrent will rise again, taking humanity by surprise, but there will be those ready to confront it. The warlords of old will return and reclaim human kind, and we will return to ways of old. Wars will restart, old hatreds, old fears, all coming back to taunt us yet again. We will dive back into the abyss yet again, going back to where we thought we left.

I can only hope, with all my heart, that we will endure through it all, finally settling differences to the point where we can thrive. My fear for the abyss of war, fear of many kinds, hatred, that it will go to the dark ally ways, and stay there. We can not get rid of our human nature, but can move past it, and come together. I understand we will always have seperate countries, ideas, philosophies, religious beliefs, and the such, but if we are to move forward towards a new dawn, we need to wake up, we need an awakening.

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